DEVOTED TO WISDOM: Choosing Wisdom or Folly

This book is a devotional based upon the book of Proverbs, which was written by Solomon, the new King of Israel, succeeding his father, King David. Solomon is now passing along wisdom, which he has gained from God and from life, to his son Rehoboam, and to his daughters, but especially to his son. 

 This book is written as a devotional. As such, the format will appear as: Scripture, Devotion, Commentary, Scripture, followed by Prayer. I am not expecting the reader to pray these prayers. I am not ritualistic, nor am I a fan of recited prayers. I am offering these prayers as I write. 

 All Scripture quoted is taken from the 8/28/2019 World English Bible. In this translation, the word ‘prudence’ will appear. Good synonyms that I would suggest would be wisdom (of course), along with discretion, coolness, and carefulness. The word Yahweh will also appear, frequently, being the Hebrew word for God. If you are more comfortable with other Names, you may use such as: Lord, LORD, or Jehovah. 

 There are ‘Easter eggs’ scattered throughout this book. You may find your favorite hymn here, or song, even a seasonal song, perhaps your favorite cartoon or movie character, or even your favorite place to visit. If they are in the public domain, they will be easy to spot. If not, the reference to such may be vague, or a name may even be spelled differently. See how many you can find! Enjoy!  
I have shared important journeys in my life throughout this book, along with wisdom that I have picked up along the way, in my life and in my Christian walk. I pass these along to share with you. 

 In writing this devotional, it is my prayer as the writer that we will gain wisdom in making good choices in life. May God guide us and grant us wisdom as we take this journey together.